Flow Simulation tools provide critical analysis of fluid flow, heat transfer, and fluid forces on your product or system for increased design success.


Singularis already specializes in structural analysis, but with the addition of flow & thermal simulation tools we can now provide more advanced engineering analysis on complex systems to improve performance and operating metrics.

Tom Kauffman, Engineering Systems Manager, FEA/CFD Specialist, Singularis

Singularis is constantly adding resources and training its engineers to provide more optimized systems for its clients. Concurrent with core engineering principles and design, simulation tools allow for the real-world applications of a system to be tested to insure a successful launch of a product or system.

When extreme tolerances or specifications are required, CFD analysis can assist with immediate design input to strengthen system integrity in any areas of concern. By analyzing more complex load scenarios Singularis can fine tune your product or system’s design parameters to be met before the lengthy and expensive manufacturing/testing phases.

Core CFD Services Applications

PCB’s and Enclosures (thermal management) – Flow Control – Building/Room Ventilation and Circulation – Heat Exchangers – Valve Flow – Aerodynamics / Hydrodynamics – Pressurized Thermal Chambers – Parametric Optimization – FEA Integration

More Info on SW CFD Software https://www.solidworks.com/product/solidworks-flow-simulation