Thermal Gasification Machinery

Industrial Automation Process


PROJECT — Machine & Process Equipment


Main Subsystems

— Hydraulic Screw Mulching & Sorting

— High Efficiency Heat Generation & Transfer

— Pressurized Vessels/Piping

— Large Payload Spring Hangers


Key Services

Structural FEA — Transient Thermal Analysis — MEP Integration — Mfg & Installation Assistance — Seal/Valve Design — OSHA Structures

Singularis was brought on to retrofit a single-stage heating system with a secondary 40,000 lb heating pulse combustion unit. The pulse heater needed to be attached via a free float attachment to a 60,000 lb boiler to mitigate thermal expansion issues between the systems. Site visits and alterations to the structure, power control systems, attachment features, and actuated subsystems needed to be performed without any existing documentation or models.

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