Sensitive Equipment CFD Analysis

Sensitive Equipment Thermal Flow Analysis


PROJECT — Large Test Chamber CFD


Main Subsystems

— Temperature Sensitive Equipment

— Large Test Chamber Modeling

— Multiple Input/Output Analysis


Key Services

Thermal / Flow Analysis — Transient Time Study — Velocity Point Studies — Single Timed Input — Multiple Constant & Variable Inputs/Outputs — Large Mesh Utilization

Singularis’ client had sensitive equipment in a large test chamber that required a very small temperature variation for acceptable testing parameters. While the chamber was temperature controlled, testing samples would be transported in and out of the room so the client wanted to reduce down-time of the chamber. With the large 20’ x 10’ door opening and closing, Singularis utilized CFD analysis tools to set the ample HVAC inflow / outflow rates to hold the temperature at a certain area in the middle and back of the chamber.

CFD Analysis 2

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