Rotating UHF Test Ring

Rotating Antenna Ring


PROJECT — Precision Antenna Testing


Main Subsystems

— Motor & Screw Drive Design,

— Custom Angular Track

— Precision Alignment & Testing

— High Rotational Accuracy


Key Services

Structural FEA — Drive System Design — Encoder Feedback — Vibration Dampening — Laser Tracked Repeatability Testing — Precision Alignment and Installation

Singularis was tasked with designing a rotating, 25’ diameter antenna ring system to provide highly precise angular displacement. Motion control and a curvilinear track design allows for 2.5 degrees of movement within +- .008 degrees. Lightweight aluminum welded members housed all necessary sensor components while reducing weight, reducing the loads on the the brake/motor control and power requirements. The whole system was designed to minimize deflection and vibration during operation, and had strict repeatability requirements. System was built, and tested by Singularis at the customer’s site in France. The final system exceeded specifications by a factor of 3-5X.

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