Gantry Crane and Platform Lift

Gantry Crane And Platform Lift


PROJECT — Manned Platform and Payload Lift


Main Subsystems

— High Load Cable Lift

— Multi-Floor Load Structure

— Power & Control Systems

— OSHA Compliant Structure


Key Services

Controller Integration — Structural Analysis — Railings and User Access — Counterweight Design — High Load Lifting Crane — Mfg & Installation Assistance — Power Control & Wiring

With precise positioning requirements, Singularis engineered, fabricated, and assembled a 45ft-tall manned gantry, designed to take a sensitive pod and 2 personnel 33’ up in the air. Specifically crafted for a sensitive aerospace application, and with the addition of a extendable platforms, a separate 3-axis positioning arm places the pod on one of 4 separate model towers. A low-resistance ground wire transfers all ESD safely to a nearby ground rod, and an integrated 5-ton hoist is used for pod manipulation.

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