Robotic Elevator Lift

Robot Lift New 2


PROJECT — Precision Payload Handling Equipment


Main Subsystems

— FANUC Robot Integration

— Multi-Stage Screw Drive Design

— High Accuracy Motion Control


Key Services

Automation Controls Integration — Vibration Mitigation — High Load Cantilevered Structure — Linear Bearings and Track Design — Manufacturing & Installation Assistance

Singularis was responsible for automating the positioning of 14-ft long canisters with sensitive material into an elevated testing chamber. Singularis engineered, fabricated, and acceptance-tested a telescoping robotic lift to raise 6500 lbs from ground level to a height of 25 ft. Analysis showed a deflection of under 0.050” and Singularis worked with a robot integration partner to program the robot to place the pod within 0.025”.

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