2-Platform Lifting Jack

2-platform Lifting Jack


PROJECT — Manufacturing Lifting Equipment


Main Subsystems

— Hydraulic Off-Centered Lifting

— Scissor Lift Support System

— Structural Framing

— Mechanical Hand Control System


Key Services

High Cantilever Force Control — Bearing and Guide Design — Structural Analysis — DFM / DFMA — Failure Mode Analysis

Singularis worked with Shaker LLC on a 2-in-1 lifting system that raises the back of a truck bed to weightlessly attach a tailgate during the manufacturing assembly process. Both platforms are hydraulically controlled to independently operate at the same time. The first platform lifts 2,000 lbs vertically while the second platform lifts 2,000 lbs on an angled path. Multiple iterations of FEA analysis as the entire system had to be structurally reinforced to manage the load cases.

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